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Estrogen is a steroidal sex hormone that is produced in the ovaries, the placenta during pregnancy, the adrenal cortex, and the testes. It controls many functions in the body including temperature regulation and the health of the vaginal area. Estradiol hormones are a type of estrogen that is particularly important for women's menstrual and reproductive health. Estradiol hormones are the principal sex hormones in women although they are only produced for three days during a women's monthly cycle.

What Are Hormones?

Hormones are present in both humans and plants. In humans, they are chemicals that travel through the blood stream and control how the body functions. Transported through blood cells, different hormones have different roles within the body; for example, estradiol hormones protect women against bone loss and osteoporosis.

What Are Estradiol Hormones?

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Estradiol hormones have a vital function in reproduction and menstruation. Derived from cholesterol, estradiol hormones are primarily produced in the ovaries during women's reproductive stage. Therefore, when estradiol hormones levels are measured, it generally reflects the activity of the ovaries. Estradiol hormones are the strongest variety of natural estrogen that is produced in women.

How Can a Deficiency in Estradiol Hormones Occur?

Estradiol hormones are produced in the ovaries and play an important role during reproduction and menstruation. Thus, there are two main reasons why estradiol hormone levels may become imbalanced:

  • During menopause, a woman's reproductive stage is coming to an end and consequently their ovaries will begin to produce fewer estradiol hormones. As a result, they will experience a deficiency of estradiol hormones.
  • Alternatively, in order for the body to run correctly it has to be in good, physical health. If women are not leading a healthy lifestyle, their estradiol hormone levels can easily become imbalanced.

How Is Deficiency of Estradiol Hormones Diagnosed?

If women have a deficiency of estradiol hormones they will notice certain signs, such as:

estrogen itchy
  • Burning tongue
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of Libido
  • Muscle tension
  • Itchy skin

Furthermore, if necessary, women can undergo an estradiol hormone test. It measures the estradiol hormone levels in the blood and is the most common estrogen test for women who are not pregnant.

Why Is an Estradiol Test Needed?

Estradiol tests can be useful for women for a number of different reasons. If women undergo an estradiol test, it can help them to diagnose many things including: birth defects in fetuses, tumors in the ovaries, and monitoring the use of fertility medication.

Thus, if women are suffering from adverse symptoms due to low estradiol levels, they should investigate the different treatment options that are available to them. Although a healthy diet and plenty of exercise can help to boost some women's estradiol levels, other women may require more. This is when women should investigate the different natural supplements and alternative therapies that are available.

Additionally, there are stronger prescribed medications that women can use, if necessary. A healthcare professional should advise you as to the best course of action to maintain healthy hormone levels. Click here for more information about treating low estradiol levels.

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