How to Recognize Estrogen Dominance

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

estrogen dominance

Your hormones are chemical messengers and they play a large role in ensuring that your body's systems work as they should. Estrogen is often referred to as the 'female hormone', as women produce much more of it than men. During menopause, hormones are all over the place, and a significant decrease or increase in estrogen levels is common.

A dominance of estrogen can come with many symptoms that, if not addressed, can lead to severe long-term problems. There are many symptoms that can indicate if you are suffering from estrogen dominance symptoms.

Top 10 Estrogen Dominance Symptoms

Loss of sex drive. This may be a problem for both you and your partner. Hormonal imbalances are known to have direct effects on libido. A loss of libido could be a result of many things, including low testosterone or high estrogen.

  • Fatigue. Feeling drowsy? Struggling to find the energy to get through the day? This is often to do with a mix of hormonal imbalance and an unbalanced lifestyle.
  • Weight gain. A common side effect of menopause for many women is weight gain, usually around the midsection, that is a direct result of a slow metabolism.
  • Hair loss. Some women may experience chunks of hair falling out or a receding hair line.
  • Headaches. An increase in headaches and migraines is common as a result of hormonal imbalances.
  • Irritability. With such a strong connection to the mood, a hormone imbalance resulting in irritability is common.
  • Sleep disorders. Disruption of normal sleep patterns, including insomnia and the inability to fall asleep and stay asleep, make life tough and can happen as a result of estrogen dominance.
  • Mood swings. Unexplained and sometimes drastic changes in mood affect many women during menopause. Emotions can range from anger to sadness and everything in between.
  • Osteoporosis. This condition involves a weakening of bones and an increased risk of bone breaks.
  • Concentration difficulties. Many women have trouble focusing or concentrating on even normal activities.

If these symptoms aren't properly taken care of, there are more severe conditions that can occur as a result of estrogen dominance.

These include:

How to Recognize Estrogen Dominance-2
  • Breast cancer
  • Gallbladder disease
  • Increased blood clotting
  • Adrenal exhaustion

Additional Information

These are some ways to recognize estrogen dominance; there are many symptoms you can encounter that are signs of this problem. Your hormones are key players to the wellness and workings of your body, so it is important you how to best manage them. Click on the following link for more information about how to lower estrogen levels.

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