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With so much misleading and inaccurate information available on the internet, it is often difficult to know who to rely on with one's health. This is why we take pride in being your trusted resource, helping you stay well-informed and empowered to make conscious and wise decisions about your health at all life stages.

Who Are We?

We, the copywriters at shecares.com, are women like you, and we speak your language.

Our devoted team – made up with medical reviewers, biologists, journalists, and other experienced professionals – shares a mutual passion for optimizing women's health. Knowing all too well that being a woman is not always easy, we want to lend you a helping a hand with practical and user-friendly resources. So, in the end, the choice you make will be the best for you.

Mission and Goals

Founded in 2004, shecares.com strives to deliver the highest quality, research-backed content on the hormonal transition in all phases of our lives, from puberty through conception and pregnancy until menopause and beyond.

  • We provide you with easy-to-understand information on hormones and their role in our body.
  • We dissect the most notorious conditions that hormonal imbalance can trigger at various life stages.
  • We discuss common causes and symptoms of hormonal disorders while offering you a wide selection of treatment options, from natural remedies and herbal supplements to medical solutions.

Main Staff and Contributors

Over the last 15 years, we have grown to become a diverse team of professionals from various backgrounds, from medical reviewers, academic researchers, writers, editors, and journalists to graphic designers, IT specialists, project managers, and more.

Agata Plachta
Agata P. Senior Writer & Expert As a trained biologist, she deciphers the science behind human physiology and public health for our readers.
Fiorella Magan
Fiorella M. Senior Writer & Expert Over the last two decades, she’s used writing to express her passion for science and lend women a helping hand.
Laura Miske
Laura M. Senior Writer & Expert As a creative writer, she has played an integral part in the success story of our comprehensive portal.
Nicolas Viallet
Nico V. Project Manager A man in a woman’s world, he skillfully manages all projects as well as web development and SEO.
Lucia Falcon
Lucia F., MD Medical Reviewer Medical doctor specializing in preventative and occupational medicine.
Brenda Gamboa
Brenda G., MD Medical Reviewer General practitioner specializing in aesthetic medicine and women’s health.
Noelina Rissman
Noelina R. Senior Writer & Expert Journalist by education, she writes versatile and scientifically-backed content regarding women’s health.
Brenda Martínez
Brenda M. Graphic Designer Creative graphic designer and digital illustrator behind our visual content; an avid sketch artist in her leisure time.
Gretchen Durning
Gretchen D. Associate Writer & Editor Having studied writing in depth, she offers our readers quality content with a professional editor’s touch.
Carla De la Roca
Carla DLR Social Media Analyst Professional and passionate, she manages our online presence and readers’ community.
Brittany Coleman
Britanny C. Associate Writer & Editor Creative writer with an inquisitive soul and unique passion for all things well-written.
Anita Mayers
Anita Senior Writer & Expert Experienced yoga instructor and a women’s advocate for conscious and holistic living.
Regina Santamaría
Regina S. Graphic Designer Talented designer of online graphic content and frontend developer of our portal.
Rhona Scullion
Rhona S. Associate Writer & Editor Associate Writer & Editor With great skills for conducting scientific research, she develops accurate and timely content.
Jenny Hearn
Jenny H. Associate Writer & Editor A lighthearted and fun team member whose talent and professionalism permeates through her work.
Sarah Popek
Sarah P. Associate Writer & Editor With training in creative writing and women’s studies, her contribution to our portal is invaluable.

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