Progesterone Suppositories and Yeast Infections

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Progesterone suppositories help trigger a period in order to maintain a healthy cycle

Progesterone suppositories are a common treatment prescribed by doctors for women who are experiencing problems conceiving. A suppository is a solid mass of medicine that is deposited into a body cavity where it melts and secretes the medicine into the body. In the case of progesterone suppositories for women suffering from troubles with conception, the medicine is inserted into the vagina. As a result, it is not uncommon for a woman to develop a yeast infection, especially for those women who are predisposed to be prone to infection. Continue reading to learn more about progesterone suppositories and yeast infections.

How Do Progesterone Suppositories Help with Conception?

Progesterone suppositories are helpful for women having trouble conceiving as a result of an irregular menstrual cycle. Progesterone is produced naturally in the body and has the responsibility of ensuring the uterine walls are strong enough to support a pregnancy during ovulation. If a woman does not become pregnant, menstruation occurs.

Often women who are lacking sufficient amounts of progesterone do not menstruate. These women may be prescribed progesterone suppositories to help trigger a period in order to maintain a healthy cycle. Because progesterone is also crucial to maintaining a healthy early pregnancy and placenta development, women are sometimes prescribed progesterone suppositories at the beginning of their pregnancy.

Why Do They Cause Infections?

Anytime a woman puts a foreign object into her vagina she is at risk for developing a vaginal yeast infection. A yeast infection is an infection stemming from the presence of the fungus Candida albicans, in this case in the vagina.

Is There a Way to Avoid Yeast Infections?

There are treatments available for yeast infections including creams and anti-fungal suppositories. Oral methods are available, too. Also, keeping the genitals clean and dry is essential to avoiding infection. Douching can exacerbate infection as the vagina has a natural pH regulating system and douching may interfere with this natural method and cause infection. Eating yogurt with the live cultures Lactobacillus acidophilus can help to combat infection, and so can avoid scented feminine cleaning products.

For More Information

If you are experiencing yeast infections, make sure you inform your doctor

If you are experiencing yeast infections while on a progesterone suppository, make sure you inform your doctor. They can suggest treatment for you or discuss other options. There arealternatives to the progesterone suppository, which may prove to be a better option for your body. For instance, wild yam is a natural root that when eaten or taken in oral supplement form has been shown to stimulate the production of progesterone in some women. For more information follow the link below.

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