Normal Estrogen level


In order to understand the benefits of normal estrogen levels it is first key to establish what estrogen is. Estrogen is found in both men and women to varying degrees. Closely associated with being fundamental for the bodily functions of women, it is often thought to only be present in women. Estrogen is the name for a group of ovarian hormones that carry information from one cell to another. Hormones to varying degrees carry out many different important functions in the body and these range from sexual function to the regulation of growth. For this reason a normal estrogen level is important to the human body.

Some of the roles of estrogen

Estrogen is known as the "chemical messenger" due to its ability to pass messages between cells. Normal estrogen levels are important as among other key functions, they control:
  • Tissue function
  • Sexual function
  • Mood

What Does a Normal Estrogen Level Do for the Body?

Normal estrogen levels and menopause:

Fluctuations in a normal estrogen level are directly linked to middle aged women entering a menopausal stage of life. When women reach a mature stage of life their bodies are less capable of reproducing the hormones that keep the body well balanced and healthy. Some of the results of such an imbalance in the normal estrogen levels of a woman include: Mood swings, changes in body odor, loss of libido and digestive problems. Many treatments such as: HRT exist for women suffering from a fluctuation in normal estrogen levels.

Estrogen controls a number of important bodily functions so a normal estrogen level is of critical importance for the human body. For women normal estrogen levels are fundamental to the growth of many the sexual reproductive functions and these are centered on the breast and uterus. Estrogen as a hormone effects everything from how a woman looks, to her reproductive ability. Normal estrogen levels are key to the reproductive system, so for a woman to conceive it is of critical importance. A normal estrogen level is capable of affecting the expanse of the uterine lining during the initial stages of the menstrual cycle. Such a process is linked to the later fertilization of an egg and the growth of a fetus.

Normal estrogen levels are also linked to the placenta, which without sufficient estrogen.

What Happens When Normal Estrogen Levels Fluctuate?

estrogen flashes

The effect of normal estrogen levels has been noted and if these levels fluctuate in any way, it can cause a variety of negative effects to occur. Many women experience these negative effects during menopause and they manifest through symptoms such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes and irregular menstrual periods.

What are the alternative treatment methods for a fluctuation in normal estrogen levels? Using methods such as HRT or phytoestrogenic herbs entails a degree of risk that many women are not willing to take. To this end many turn to the use of non-estrogenic herbs, which contain many of the benefits of phytoestrogenic herbs but without many of the harmful effects.

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