Estrogen Levels in Women

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Estrogen plays a huge role in the development of a woman and follows a woman through her whole productive life. Estrogen plays a unique role not only in the formation of sex organs, but in sexual health and physical and mental growth and maturity.

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What Does Estrogen Do?

estrogen drop

Estrogen is responsible for the development of sex organs, regulation of the menstrual cycle, completion of the skeletal system, and maintenance of pregnancy, and is crucial to the ability of lactation.

During the menstrual period estrogen builds up the uterus lining to prepare the body for pregnancy, when the ovary is not fertilized then estrogen and progesterone levels drop sharply and the lining and ovary is expelled from the body.

Needless to say that estrogen is very important for a woman's body. Keep reading to find more about estrogen levels in woman.

How Do Changing Estrogen Levels Affect a Person Mentally?

Every woman is different and every woman has different levels of estrogen and the hormones. It is normal for a woman to feel discomfort around her period or while approaching menopause, in menopause or after menopause.

Due to the changes levels and the effects it has on the brain, a woman may feel the following symptoms,

estrogen incontinence
  • Hot flashes
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Urinary stress incontinence
  • Mood swings
  • Migraines
  • Breast tenderness
  • Loss of libido

This list highlights only the most common symptoms. Many women can experience any of the these symptoms alone or accompanied by others with different levels of severity.

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What Are the Physical Symptoms?

From mental symptoms a number of things could happen to the body physically. Stress and fatigue have a huge role upon the body but also the loss of estrogen in the body has physical symptoms as well.

Estrogen helps prevent against bone loss by working with calcium, vitamin D and other hormones and minerals to build and maintain healthy bones. The body is constantly builds and remodels bones until estrogen levels drop, then the process slows down.

Also, when estrogen levels drop the vagina can become drier as the vagina walls thin. Urinary tract infections can also come on more easily.

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Treatment for Estrogen Levels

As mentioned above, estrogen is crucial for the body. Without estrogen a women would not produce sexual organs, maintain a productive life or lead a healthy life. Naturally the body stops producing estrogen and after menopause estrogen levels are very low. The changes in levels have consequences for women both physical and mental.

Estrogen levels in women

Exercise, diet, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important while going through estrogen changes. Hormone changes affect not only the body but the mind as well. It is important to exercise and keep a positive attitude about the experience so your body will produce estrogen and other hormones on its natural cycle.

Stay away from tobacco, alcohol and recreational drugs. They just add more stress.

Some alternative therapies like aroma therapy and supplements and teas have been known to work for some women. It is important to remember that each woman responds differently to these medications but the medications usually come without side effects or risks.

Hormone Replacement Therapy can be an option but comes with certain health risks. If you haven't done so, talk with your doctor, your doctor can help you find out what is going on in your body.