Natural Hormones in Women

Whether it be a man or a woman, every person produces hormones naturally. These hormones help our bodies to form and are important in our lives. Although men and women both experience hormone changes, the hormone levels in women are much more volatile in men that in women. Women have many stages in their life where hormones can takeover and have a number of side effects.

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Hormones, Good or Bad?

Two hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are responsible for the menstruation cycle and are important for maintaining the health of a woman but they are also important for so much more.

Natural hormones in women

Here is a list of what hormones do for us.

  • Prevent osteoporosis
  • Hormones protect against cancer
  • Aging of cells is significantly slowed
  • Mental and/or emotional dysfunction is prevented

When hormones slow down or drop in level they can lose some of their effect the health of the body becomes more prone to risks.

During a monthly cycle the hormones must go through a change for the ovaries to drop and be fertilized or not fertilized and expelled from the body. Without these hormones none of this would happen and the body would be prone to infection among other things.

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Hormone Side Effects Not Just in Menopause

These hormones can affect many aspects in a women life negatively including, the menstrual cycle, mood, behavior, emotions, hair growth, and other physical properties.

Natural hormones in women

Although hormone fluctuations are most common around menopause, women might also experience them around menstruation during their monthly cycle. From PMS, to bloating, to cramps and headaches hormones can cause problems and stress at any age.

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Treatment for Natural Hormones

As stated above hormones can affect women at any age not just menopause. The change in hormones is natural and helps the body move although in its course of life but due to fluctuations of hormone levels a woman's body may be affected.

Exercise, a healthy diet and staying away from recreational drugs, alcohol and tobacco are all lifestyle changes you can make to give your body the opportunity to produce the hormones naturally.

Alternative medicines such as aromatherapy, supplements and herbs have been found by some to help the body regenerate hormones naturally.

If you feel that you have a hormone imbalance, speak with your doctor, your doctor can help you find a solution that works for you.

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