Symptoms of Low Testosterone Levels

Testosterone Hormones

As one of the primary sex hormones circulating in a woman's body, along with estrogen and progesterone, a lack of testosterone can cause many health problems. A deficiency in testosterone effectively means that a woman's sex hormones are out of balance, and thus, this deficiency may manifest itself in the form of a health issue.

A deficiency in testosterone can cause menopause symptoms.

A deficiency in testosterone can cause many problems for women of all ages, particularly those experiencing menopause. These symptoms may include an unusually low libido, depression, and osteoporosis. Continue reading to learn more about the different symptoms of low testosterone and how this hormonal imbalance can affect a woman's daily routine.

Common Symptoms of Low Testosterone

The main symptoms and signs related to low testosterone can be categorized into three groups: sexual, physical, and emotional.

Sexual symptoms

Loss of sexual desire. Testosterone is widely recognized as the hormone of desire, and as such, a deficiency may result in a loss of libido and sexual energy. Women may also find that the frequency of their sexual fantasies has decreased.

Lack of sexual responsiveness

Lack of sexual responsiveness. Women with low testosterone may experience problems in getting aroused and a lack of sensitivity to sexual stimulation of the clitoris and nipples.

Weaker orgasms. A woman may experience a general lack of pleasure during sexual intercourse. In severe cases, they may not experience orgasms at all, a condition known as  anorgasmia.

Physical symptoms

Lack of energy. A woman may experience constant tiredness, poor energy levels, and a lack of stamina when trying to complete normal daily tasks. Some women may find that they fall asleep after dinner, or exert themselves more than normal, and that their performance at work deteriorates.

Decrease in strength and endurance. A woman with low testosterone may find that her athletic ability declines and experience a general lack of coordination and balance.

Lack of testosterone can affect bone density.

Weak bones and muscles. Research has suggested a lack of testosterone can affect bone density, and as a result, a woman's bones may become more prone to fracture, and she will be at a greater risk of developing osteoporosis. A woman may also find it difficult to build new muscle and have poor muscle tone.

Increased fat storage. Low testosterone may make a woman more likely to gain weight, as it causes fat cells to store more fat through a surplus of alpha receptors and a lack of beta receptors in the fat cells.

Emotional symptoms

Abnormal hormone levels often cause depression in women.

Depression. Abnormal hormone levels often cause depression in women. Those with low testosterone may experience decreased enjoyment in life, continual feelings of sadness, or general grumpiness. Some women may also feel insecure and experience a sense of indecisiveness in their lives.

Mood. Another common sign of low testosterone in women is a noticeable change in mood and behavior. Some women may feel themselves getting angry at trivial incidents or become unable to enjoy activities that they used to enjoy.

A woman who experiences even just a couple of the above symptoms may have low testosterone levels. Bear in mind that many disorders and conditions may share similar symptoms. Consequently, it is important to always get the advice of a medical professional in order to confirm the diagnosis.

Now that the symptoms of low testosterone levels have been clarified, keep reading to learn about high testosterone levels.

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