Testosterone Pills

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Medically reviewed by Brenda G., MD | Written by SheCares Editorial Team | Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Testosterone Pills

There are a variety of reasons for which a woman may suffer from low testosterone levels; however, with this comes a variety of methods in which she can resolve the imbalance, including with testosterone tablets.

Keep reading to learn fundamental information about testosterone pills, including how, when, and why they are used to treat testosterone imbalances.

What are Testosterone Pills?

What are testosterone tablets

Testosterone pills - also known as testosterone tablets - are oral testosterone medications used to supplement the amount of the hormone already produced in a woman's body.

When Could Testosterone Pills Be Beneficial?

Premenopause. During adulthood and before the menopause transition, some women struggle with low testosterone levels due to various causes, including supplementation of oral contraceptives. Therefore, these women take testosterone pills in hopes to ultimately raise levels to healthy amounts. These pills are commonly consumed by athletes and others alike to maintain a healthy libido, energy levels, and muscle mass.

Postmenopause. Doctors usually only encourage the use of testosterone pills during androgen replacement therapies after the menopausal transition. One such oral testosterone, testosterone undecanoate, is popular among postmenopausal women. This specific testosterone pill is absorbed through the lymphatics, thus evading the first pass through the liver.

Benefits of Testosterone Pills

Benefits of testosterone pills

Testosterone tablets are used by women of all ages to promote muscle mass and development, improve libido and mood, and many more functions.

For women of all ages, testosterone tablets are often used to alleviate symptoms associated with androgen deficiency, such as:

The most pronounced use of testosterone pills is for the treatment of Women's Sexual Interest and Desire Disorder. This disorder evokes symptoms of sexual dysfunction, such as decreased sexual desire, arousal, satisfaction, and frequency. 

How and When to Use Testosterone Pills

How Do I Take Testosterone Pills?

Generally, testosterone pills are ingested orally on a daily or every other day basis. Women's medication regimens vary from men's and depend upon various factors, such as length of the treatment and strength of the testosterone tablet.

When Do I Use Testosterone Pills?

For women who supplement testosterone alongside birth control, oral contraceptive pills that include testosterone can be prescribed for daily use. If not, other methods of testosterone administration are pursued. Their treatment schedules will vary.

For women who use testosterone tablets for HRT, the pills are often taken on an alternate-day dosing regimen. In the instance aforementioned testosterone undecanoate, doses should be taken with a fat-containing meal, and maximum absorption occurs two to four hours after consumption.

Testosterone Pills Side Effects

Testosterone pills side effects

If a woman is under the supervision of a certified healthcare professional during treatment, small dosages for short-term use of testosterone pills should generally not cause adverse effects.

Nevertheless, some common side effects of testosterone supplementation include those related to masculinization, including deepening of the voice, acne, female-patterned balding, enlarged clitoris.

Extremely serious side effects of testosterone pills are uncommon. However, because testosterone can aromatize to the hormone estradiol, fluid retention can occur even though by nature, the hormone is a diuretic. This can worsen hypertension and lead to heart failure.

Where Can I Buy Testosterone Pills?

Testosterone tablets can be acquired over-the-counter or with a doctor's prescription.

Although testosterone pills can be found over-the-counter, it is recommended to only purchase them with guidance from a trusted healthcare professional. Dosage will depend on each woman's individual needs.

Key Takeaways

In sum, testosterone pills can be used to supplement the missing hormone in a woman's body. By doing so, consumption of testosterone tablets helps treat hormonal disorders and their symptoms. The pill is generally consumed on a daily or every other day basis and taken short-term under close monitoring. Side effects of oral testosterone may evolve, although small doses are generally well tolerated. Testosterone pills should be attained with a doctor's prescription.

Even though pharmaceutical treatments may bring quick results, they are not always the most beneficial choice for overall well-being. Learn more about natural testosterone supplements and boosters before electing the path favoring the use of synthetic hormones.