Key Products to Balance Progesterone

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Progesterone is one of the principal hormones in the female body. It is active in the reproductive system, and is responsible for instigating the bodily changes that take place during puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, lactation, and menopause. In addition to its role in the female reproductive system, progesterone has an impact on a woman's general health and well-being; it is also influential over a woman's dental health, and her mood.

Progesterone imbalance can occur during pregnancy and menopause

There are times in which, through natural or external causes, the level of progesterone in the female body falls into imbalance. At times of bodily change, such as pregnancy and menopause, progesterone is more susceptible to becoming imbalanced. This can have adverse physical and emotional symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, irregular periods, hot flashes, and mood swings.

However, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), is an effective method of addressing progesterone imbalance and its symptoms. This involves introducing external progesterone into the body to supplement and work with the body's existing hormone levels.

Progesterone replacement therapy is available in a variety of forms and products. Keep reading to learn about the key products that can be used to balance progesterone levels.


Progesterone Pill

Progesterone pills are a convenient and easy progesterone product

Progesterone pills are a convenient and easy progesterone product. They are administered orally, once a day, and are advantageous in that they can be swiftly and effectively incorporated into your daily routine.


Progesterone Vaginal Cream

Progesterone vaginal cream is widely available and surprisingly popular

Progesterone vaginal cream is widely available and surprisingly popular. Progesterone vaginal cream is particularly beneficial when the symptoms of hormonal imbalance are evident in the vaginal area; it can be used, for example, in cases of vaginal dryness, discomfort, or itching, all of which are caused by progesterone imbalance.


Progesterone Patches

Progesterone patches are a comfortable solution to progesterone imbalance

Progesterone patches can be put on the skin of the arm or thigh. They release the hormone throughout the day, which is absorbed by the skin and, from there, it enters the blood stream. These patches are convenient because they can be self-administered, and are a comfortable daily solution to progesterone imbalance.


Progesterone Ring

A progesterone ring is a small ring that is inserted into the vagina, secretes the hormone, and is replaced once every 3 months. Again, a progesterone ring is an appropriate form of hormonal replacement therapy for women suffering from problems particularly around the vaginal area.  

While progesterone replacement therapy is an effective and convenient way to manage hormone imbalance, it is a controversial treatment and there are serious health risks that have been associated with it. For more information on progesterone imbalance, as well as the risks and benefits of progesterone replacement therapy, click on the link below.

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