Is Taking Soy to Increase Estrogen Safe?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Is Taking Soy to Increase Estrogen Safe?-1

Widely regarded as the feminine hormone, estrogen has a huge influence on the development and growth of the body during a woman's reproductive life. A woman going through menopause needs to fully understand the role of estrogen in her body. Imbalances can affect weight, mood and menstrual cycle, so it is important to find the lifestyle changes that can aid in the balancing of this hormone.

Many people are looking for natural and effective ways to deal with any decrease in hormones. Studies have found that people who follow high soy diets don't suffer from the signs and symptoms of menopause as frequently, or severely, as women who do not consume significant amounts of soy products. Here we will look into the benefits of this legume and decipher whether it is a safe option for increasing estrogen during menopause.

About Soy and Estrogen

What is soy?

Hailing from Asia, this is an oilseed that is known for being a healthy part of any diet. It comes in many forms and has, in recent years, been marketed as the answer to all of your health problems.

Where to find soy?

It comes in all sorts of forms and can be found as a bean that is made into food, milk and commercial desserts. Many of the major supermarkets stock tofu and meat substitutes made from these beans, making it easy to find and include in your diet. Other sources include soy flour, soy oil and of course whole soybeans.

Why soy is good for increasing estrogen?

Is Taking Soy to Increase Estrogen Safe?-2

Soy is a phytoestrogenic food, which is good for increasing the hormone estrogen. As we know, when women are going through menopause they suffer from declining estrogen levels and this plant-based compound has a similar structure to estradiol, a human estrogen hormone.

How much to take

As soy products are so good for increasing the hormone estrogen, it is recommended that a woman should have a dose each day. Soy products purchased at health food stores are particularly beneficial for increasing levels of estrogen. Including 3 oz. of soy into your diet on a daily basis should be enough to increase estrogen levels.


Be sure to understand your situation fully before increasing your soy intake. Getting a hormone level test will help to properly assess hormone levels. However, in moderate amounts, soy is a good addition to anyone's diet. Amounts of soy consumed during menopause should be limited. Possible side effects can vary and should be considered.

Increased Estrogen and Safety

It is clear that soy is a great source of estrogen. Many menopausal women take it as a natural way of boosting their estrogen levels. Caution should be used to take the right amounts and there is much more to know about hormones. Click on the following link for more information towards increasing estrogen levels.

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