5 Estrogen-Boosting Foods Every Menopausal Woman Should Eat

In your search for menopausal relief, you've read about hormone replacement therapy (HRT), bioidentical hormones, herbal remedies, and natural supplements. You've spent your free time learning a new, menopause friendly vocabulary, and buying up herbs you never thought or knew existed. But what if treating your menopausal symptoms is as easy as stocking your shelves with estrogen-boosting foods? Keep reading to learn more about eating to enhance your estrogen production.

Estrogenic Foods

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A well-balanced diet is essential to maintaining good health at any age, but especially when your body's natural production of hormones, such as estrogen, begins to taper off. In addition, some foods may actually promote the body's natural production of estrogen; this can help balance your hormones and alleviate the symptoms of menopause. Try these five tasty foods to promote estrogen levels:


Have an apple bran muffin for breakfast

If “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, an apple muffin a day may keep your menopause symptoms at bay. That's because apple muffins provide you with two phytoestrogen-filled foods: apples and wheat bran. Phytoestrogens, plant-based estrogens, help alleviate the symptoms of menopause by mimicking the role of estrogen in the body. Cereals and grains that have not been processed such as bran, contain higher fiber content and boost estrogen production.


Substitute soy at lunch

Soy is rich in protein and isoflavones, which both promote good health in menopausal women. With the range of soy products available, it's easy to introduce it into your packed lunch. You can also substitute soy for your regular bread, burger, or cheese.


Make a whole grain stir fry for dinner

Long grain brown rice makes the list of estrogen-boosting foods, because rice introduces essential fibers into your diet. Add tofu as a serving of soy and plenty of vegetables to make your nutritious stir fry rich in flavors and textures. Go light on the soy sauce: it's high in sodium; thus, not a significant source of soy.


Side dish: Yams

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Famous as a Thanksgiving side dish, yams should be on your table all year long. The wild yam has been traditionally used to boost estrogen levels in women, and is a popular source of bioidentical hormones. Sweet potatoes and yams are also thought to boost estrogen and increase chances of fertility.


Treat yourself to cherries

If you're craving something other than an apple, try a handful of cherries instead. This sweet estrogen-boosting treat can help you curb temptation to buy sweet or salty snacks on-the-go.


While eating a well-balanced diet may provide relief from your menopausal symptoms, you may also need to supplement your diet with exercise, herbal remedies, or pharmaceutical options to get the relief that you need. Click here to read more about treatments for low estrogen.

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