Bioidentical Hormone Products: Which is Best For Me?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Bioidentical hormones were first discovered in the 1930s, by the Canadian researcher James Collip. Since the inception of this new menopause buster, bioidentical hormone treatment has become one of the most popular ways to combat menopause symptoms. To cope with this growth in popularity, developers are working around the clock to try and come up with bioidentical products. Read on to learn a bit more about some of the most common products available and to see which one is best for you.

How It all Works

Before learning about the products available, it is important to learn about how bioidentical hormones work. Bioidentical hormones are estrogen-like compounds extracted from plants. Despite this natural start, bioidentical hormones are developed, tampered with and mutated in a laboratory before they are ready to enter your body: they are not a natural product.

Bioidentical hormones: How It all Works

Hormones help to regulate your body. They do this by working together in harmonious balance. However, during menopause, levels of certain hormones can fluctuate, which can lead to side effects, known as menopause symptoms. Bioidentical hormones work by helping to redress the delicate balance and get your body functioning the way it used to. Read on to learn more about the bioidentical products available to you.

Bioidentical Products

Bioidentical Products

There are lots of bioidentical hormone products available to you. Bioidentical hormones can be administered through various different means, these include vaginal creams, percutaneous skin creams, oral pills, gels, vaginal rings, vaginal tablets and transdermal patches. The dose of treatment administered is tailored to the patients needs. Read on to learn which treatment is best for you.

Which Product Is Best for Me?

When choosing which bioidentical product to use, it is important to pick the right one for you. For example, if you've got a busy lifestyle then the last thing you want is another thing to worry about. A gel or cream is something that has to be actively applied so they're probably not the right option for you. However, a vaginal ring could be just the thing you're looking for: it simply sits there in your vagina so you can just forget about it. However, other factors may affect you're the final decision of which product is right for you. If you're still not sure, it may be a good idea to seek advice from your doctor.

While bioidentical hormones are becoming increasingly popular, the user can feel some adverse effects. Click on the following link to learn more about the side effects of bioidentical hormones.

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