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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

What are bio identical hormones?

BioIdentical doctors

Before being able to fully understand what bio identical doctors are and what they do it is first necessary to understand what bio identical hormones are and what effect they have on the human body. The process of bio identical hormone therapy, administered by bio identical doctors is often known as: Natural hormone therapy because of its difference to traditional hormone therapy. Bio identical hormones are hormones which are hormones which have been created at a molecular level in order to match them as closely as possible.

Who Needs Bioidentical Hormones?


Bioidentical doctors are tasked with identifying the symptoms of a condition which affects most women to varying degrees towards the mature stages of their lives. Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone play a fundamental role in the biological health of women's bodies and when this delicate natural balance fluctuates it can cause a myriad of problems. There are 34 menopause symptoms in total and in addition to those already mentioned they can include: Hair loss, changes in body odor, mood swings and after a several years osteoporosis.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is utilized by women who are suffering from the symptoms of a hormone deficiency. Bioidentical physicians will issue bio identical hormones in the event of a woman's hormone levels becoming unbalanced. All women experience this period of life, which usually occurs from the age of 40. The body's hormone receptors lose the ability to keep reproducing sufficient levels of the hormones necessary for a woman's biological functions to continue to function. The stage of life is usually referred to as: Menopause and it can cause a flurry of menopause symptoms. Such symptoms can include: Vaginal dryness, depression, night flashes, loss of libido and night sweats. One of the many tasks for a bioidentical doctor is to identify these symptoms and issue a course of treatment.

What Are Bioidentical Doctors?

Bio identical doctors or bio identical physicians are specially trained practitioners who measure and administer the correct dosage of bio identical hormones for women. Because the process of bioidentical hormone administration is tailored more specifically than traditional hormone replacement, it requires more care and attention. Such attention is administered by bioidentical doctors, who try to match hormones as close to human hormones as possible.

How Do Bioidentical Hormones Work?

BioIdentical menopausal

Bioidentical hormones from bioidentical doctors are an increasingly popular option for menopausal women. This is because bio identical hormones do not try to mimic hormones at the menopausal stage. Instead bio identical doctors attempt to find the hormonal match for hormones found in women's body before menopause has been reached. Many of the side effects of traditional hormone replacement therapy stem from a mismatch of hormones and this is something bio identical doctors can help avoid.

Bioidentical hormone therapy is one method of treatment for menopause symptoms that has become increasingly popular. The treatment seems a great deal safer and more effective than traditional HRT but comes with a plethora of risks. For this reason, many medical practitioners are keen for women suffering from menopause symptoms to consider all the treatment options as an alternative to bioidentical therapy.

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