How to prevent high estrogen levels

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

What Is Estrogen?


Ovulation may be the reason for high estrogen levels. Ovulation is a state in which menstruating women are at their most fertile. At this time the body produces a great deal more estrogen in order to facilitate this process.

Estrogen is a group of compounds comprised of estrone, estradiol and estriol and play a fundamentally key role in the reproductive system of women. Estrogen not only plays a part in how a women looks, but her ability to reproduce later in life. Estrogen prepares a woman for childbirth and for this reason different states of existence can cause estrogen levels to fluctuate considerably. During pregnancy or ovulation many women will experience high estrogen levels, whilst during menopause women suffer from low estrogen levels. The respective estrogen levels are linked with a woman's heightened ability to reproduce or a decreased capacity to reproduce respectively.

What Are the Causes of High Estrogen Levels?

High estrogen levels are usually associated with ovulation or pregnancy and at this point in women's lives high estrogen levels can manifest. During ovulation estrogen such as estrodiol can be 400pg/ml, whilst for pregnant women this estrogen level can rise to 100 times this.

What Are the Risks of High Estrogen Levels?

A variety of health problems can arise from high estrogen levels. These can include:

  • Fatigue
  • PMS
  • Migraines
  • Weight gain
  • Muscle aches
  • Fibroids
  • Depression
  • Aging skin

Other serious conditions can include cancers such as breast cancer. The can stem from a tenderness in breast tissue. Strokes, gall bladder disease and rheumatoid arthritis can also be the result of high estrogen levels. For this reason it is imperative that women who may be suffering from high estrogen levels recognize potential symptoms and try to reduce these levels.

How Can Women Reduce High Estrogen Levels?

estrogen fiber

Low fat diet: By avoiding highly processed and high in fat foods women can lower their high estrogen levels. Low fat vegetarian diets have been known to steady estrogen levels in women.

Increasing fiber intake: An increase of 30 grams per day can help in reducing high estrogen levels in women. Food such as cauliflower bran and nuts are all high in fiber and can help in this endeavor.

Reduction in stress: More sleep and relaxing pursuits can help a woman lessen high estrogen levels.

Conclusions about How to Prevent High Estrogen Levels

High estrogen levels are a problem for many women as the symptoms of such a condition can prove dangerous. Many fatal conditions such as cancer are associated with high estrogen levels and for this reason it is important for women to try and reduce such levels before they become more of a problem.

What else can women try? Pregnancy can be a difficult transition for women and states of being such as high estrogen levels, can present a number of problems. For this reason however alternate treatments exist to ease women through this transition period with limited pain and discomfort. A medical practitioner should always be consulted before embarking on any form of alternative treatment.

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