Estrogen Levels: The Best Test

Balanced estrogen levels are important for your body’s functioning

Have you ever felt a bit off-color, but not been able to find anything obvious that's affecting you? Well, the source of your ailments could be hidden in the depths of your body: your fluctuating estrogen levels may be to blame. Balanced estrogen levels are important for your body's functioning; however, it can be difficult to know if your estrogen levels are maintained at healthy levels without the proper expertise or equipment. Continue reading for your complete guide to the best estrogen tests available.

Look for the Signs

Unbalanced estrogen levels can cause a number of unpleasant symptoms within your body. The signs are obvious when you know what you're looking for, but can be very difficult to find if you don't.

Estrogen regulates functions in your body such as menstrual cycle

Hormones are your body's way of regulating itself and the different hormones work together to help it perform at its best. One of the most important hormones for a woman is estrogen. Estrogen regulates functions in your body such as the menstrual cycle, sodium, and fluid retention. When your estrogen levels fluctuate, a number functions in your body are adversely affected.

Low Estrogen Levels

The most telltale signs of a decline of estrogen are hot flashes and night sweats. Also, if you've been feeling unusually tired or fatigued, it may be a sign of low estrogen levels. Low levels of this hormone may also cause memory lapses, difficulty in concentration, joint pain, vaginal dryness, and dry skin.

High Estrogen Levels

If you think that you may be experiencing high levels of estrogen, you should look out for mood swings, anxiety, and depression. Other signs of increased estrogen levels include: loss of libido, insomnia, headaches, weight gain, breast tenderness, irregular periods, bloating, hypoglycemia, and other symptoms of high estrogen levels.

If you want to verify that you are indeed experiencing imbalanced estrogen levels, there are tests available. Keep reading to learn more about your options.

Home Testing Kit

Home testing kits are a great way to get fast results about your estrogen levels. You can purchase an estrogen home testing kit from most pharmacies or online. To complete the test, you must provide saliva samples before filling out the accompanying form and returning the test by mail. Results are typically received within two weeks.

Visit Your Doctor

Ask your doctor for advice on which variety of test suit you

If you are interested in determining your precise estrogen levels, then there is no better place to go than your doctor's office. They will have a variety of tests available and be able to advise you as to which one will suit you best. Your doctor will also be able to advise you on any future treatment that you may require.

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