Estrogen and Emotion

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Estrogen hormones play a large role in a woman's body. Estrogen hormones help to control both the psychological and physiological well being of women. Consequently, when there is an imbalance of estrogen and progesterone hormone levels in the body, the benefits of estrogen hormones become obvious. Women with low levels of estrogen hormones often find themselves experiencing mood swings and other adverse symptoms. This article is going to focus on how estrogen levels affect emotion.

What Are Estrogen Benefits?

Estrogen benefits

There are many different estrogen benefits that women will experience. However, one of the biggest estrogen benefits is mood stability. When estrogen and progesterone hormone levels become imbalanced women may begin to experience mood swings and depression. Mood swings and depression can severely influence both a woman's personal and professional life.

Estrogen Benefits

Estrogen hormones increase serotonin levels. With a decrease in estrogen hormones, women may feel more moody and depressed.
Estrogen hormones also control the production and distribution of endorphins, which are the chemicals in the brain that make people feel good.
Estrogen hormones also promote nerve growth and protect nerve endings from damage.


How Do Estrogen Hormones Influence Emotions?

Although it is known that one of the estrogen benefits is its influence over emotions, the exact reason behind this is not known. Studies have been untaken that show that one of estrogens benefits is its ability to balance moods; however, the results have been inconclusive. There are different theories on how estrogen hormones can help to balance moods. Thus, when estrogen hormone levels fall, women suffer from the lack of estrogen benefits. Nevertheless, many women look for ways to boost their hormone levels.

How Can Estrogen Levels Be Boosted?

There are many ways that women can boost their estrogen hormone levels. However, they should first begin by living a healthy lifestyle, which includes:

  • Eating a balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables, and fiber
  • Taking regular, moderate exercise. It is recommended that women exercise for half an hour five times a week.
  • Sleeping for at least eight hours a day
  • Drinking eight glasses of water per day
  • Avoiding beverages with high caffeine levels and alcohol
  • Avoiding smoking

These are all lifestyle changes that women can make in order to boost their hormone levels. Even so, there are prescribed medications and natural supplements that women can use to boost estrogen levels.

estrogen vegetables

Estrogen benefits are widely publicized and known among many women. Consequently, if women are concerned that their estrogen hormones are too low, they should investigate different ways to boost them. A visit to a doctor or a nurse can often be extremely helpful. Click here for more information about the estrogen benefits and treating the symptoms of menopause.

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