Bioidentical Pellets

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

The pellet form of bioidentical hormone therapy is placed underneath the skin.

They are the pellet form of bioidentical hormone therapy. They are placed underneath the skin, usually under the buttock, and they release hormones over the course of 3-6 months until the pellet dissolves.

What's Inside Bioidentical Pellets?

The hormones are extracted from soy, and are engineered to be resemble either pure estradiol or testosterone.

The Presence of Testosterone in Bioidentical Pellets

One of the hormones in pellets is testosterone. Despite being thought of as a “male” hormone, testosterone can play a key role in women's hormonal makeup. Even though it is only present in women bodies in small amounts, it affects bodily functions such as mood stabilization, brain function, bone density and libido.

As a type of hormone therapy, they contain bioidentical hormones, which are an identical match of the natural hormones that human bodies produce. Found within they are a small amount of stearic acid, which is a byproduct of pharmaceuticals.

What Other Forms of Bioidentical Hormones Are There?

They are not the only way those undergoing bioidentical therapy can receive hormone treatment. Other methods of delivery also include:

  • Creams
  • Pills
  • Injections
  • Vaginal suppositories

Along with pills and creams, pellets are the easiest delivery method for bioidentical hormones.

Menopause symptoms

Bioidentical Pellets exist to curb the multitude of menopause symptoms that can manifest when women fall victim to an hormonal imbalance during later life. Menopause symptoms are as a direct result of a woman's body losing the ability to reproduce some of the fundamental biological chemicals that a woman needs. The result of such an effect can lead to menopause symptoms which include: Vaginal dryness, mood swings, loss of libido, changes in body odor and after several years osteoporosis.

How Do Bioidentical Pellets Work?

Bioidentical hormones function differently from those of conventional hormone therapy. They attempt to match the hormones in the pellets as closely as possible to the woman's individual hormone deficiencies. Pellets are placed under the skin via a painless procedure, where the hormones are released gradually into the blood stream within 3-6 months. Research has shown that pellets are best placed under the lateral skin of the buttocks.

How Do Bioidentical Pellets Compare to Conventional HRT?

Medical professionals have likened these pellets to replacement ovaries.

Medical professionals have likened these pellets to replacement ovaries, because just like ovaries, they are capable of releasing hormones directly into the blood stream. Women are increasingly using this alternative because traditional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) involves risks such as an increased chance of breast cancer or heart attack.

However, while the side effects of bioidentical hormones have not been fully researched, certain risks have been reported with their use. It is strongly advised that women consider all of the alternatives before they consider using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. There are many other natural ways to regulate and right hormonal imbalance, including a combination of healthy lifestyle changes and natural supplements. Click here to learn more about the different alternatives to bioidentical hormones.