The Benefits of Alternative Hormone Treatment for Menopausal Women

By Jenny H. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Among menopausal women, alternative hormone treatment is considered when having to deal with upsetting menopause symptoms. Since 2002, when a study found out that hormone replacement therapy could largely risky for women's health, there have been efforts to find less invasive menopausal relief for women.

The Benefits of Alternative Hormone Treatment for Menopausal Women

Research has shown that over 70% of American women present some menopause symptom. While most of them are able to counteract them with some little adjustment in their lives, other women need extra assistance. In order to alleviate this need, other approaches besides HRT are being used by menopausal women: lifestyle changes and natural alternative hormone treatment.

Are Women Using Alternative Hormone Therapy?

Before deciding what to do when menopause symptoms became unbearable, a thorough analysis should be done among all the options. When it was discovered that HRT could have more disadvantages than benefits, women started resorting to more natural approaches.

In a study done in 2003, researches found that more women were turning to natural alternative hormone therapy to relief their menopause symptoms. Out of a universe of 886 menopausal women from 45 to 65 years old, 76.1% of them responded that they were using up until eight alternative therapies to alleviate their menopausal symptoms, stress, or other health issues.

The Benefits of Alternative Hormone Treatment for Menopausal Women

There were array of therapies mentioned by women in this study. Thirty-one percent mentioned chiropractic, twenty-nine percent referred to the use of massage therapy, twenty-two percent for soy in their diets, and over five percent used herbal- derived remedies . The study showed the women used these therapies for menopause symptoms were over twenty percent, and all of them found them to be very effective.

What Benefits Does Alternative Hormone Therapy Have?

To understand the benefits of alternative hormone therapy, it is necessary to learn about the options:

Phytoestrogen herbs

These herbs contain human-like estrogen that is being used to fix the lack of estrogen menopausal women present. It can be consumed as herb or it is also consumed as pills, patches, etc. Some of them are black cohosh, soy, etc.

Non-estrogenic herbs

Some herbs stimulate hormone production, helping the body to regulate itself without the introduction of any external estrogen into the body. It is also helpful because it doesn't avoid menopause or delays it. It just helps the body to reduce the intensity and frequency of the symptoms.

As said before, alternative hormone therapy has many benefits mainly because it doesn't represent a direct thread to women's health, like HRT has proven to have.

Once again, before making a choice with the best way to deal with menopause symptoms is important to be carefully informed about all the possibilities. Follow the link to keep learning about alternative hormone treatments.

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