High Hormone Levels

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High Hormone Levels

Only 20 percent of women do not suffer from some sort of hormonal imbalance outside of the natural periods of hormonal fluactuations.1 This means that the majority do, whether from low hormone levels or high, often without realizing it. Once women are able to attribute their symptoms to an appropriate cause, the real healing will begin.

Continue reading to learn more about the causes and symptoms of high hormone levels so that you can be one step closer to ultimate hormonal equilibrium.

High Hormone Levels Causes

High hormone levels causes

Elevated hormone levels can wreak havoc in the female body, often leaving women baffled as to what exactly is causing their distressing symptoms.

High hormone levels in females can originate from a variety of health conditions and lifestyle choices, including induced and natural causes. Some include:

Without a doubt, the first step to finding relief from any experienced distresses is to identify their root. Learn more about the causes of high hormone levels by clicking on the previous link.

High Hormone Level Symptoms

Symptoms of high hormone levels

The symptoms of high hormone levels can be so varied that women who experience them often mistake them for signs of menstruation or aging.

High hormone levels manifest both physically and emotionally, including, but not limited to:

Because there are serious health-related conditions connected to high hormone levels, it is - therefore - important that every woman experiencing symptoms of elevated hormone levels consults with her doctor to determine the underlying cause.

Click on the following link to discover a complete list of high hormone levels symptoms in women so that you can be more in-tune to your body's cues.

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