Using Natural Hormones help with Menopause Symptoms

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Using natural hormones to help combat adverse menopause symptoms can be very effective. Women who are using natural hormones often report a decrease in their hot flashes, night sweats, and mood swings among other unpleasant signs of menopause. Furthermore, using natural hormones may be a safer way to deal with adverse menopause symptoms than prescribed medication.

How Do Using Natural Hormones Help with Menopause Symptoms?

The Various different Hormone Imbalance Signs

Using natural hormones can effectively help to combat adverse menopause symptoms in a number of ways. Menopausal symptoms are, very simply put, usually caused by an imbalance of hormone levels in the body. For example ,estrogen hormones control the body's temperature regulator. Consequently, when estrogen hormone levels drop hot flashes and night sweats occur because the body is not balanced. Thus, when women begin using natural hormones to replenish their imbalanced hormone levels they often find that their unpleasant symptoms disappear.

What Natural Hormones Are Available on the Market?

For women who are using natural hormones they have many different options about which ones to take. All natural hormones work differently in the body and have their advantages and disadvantages:

Black Cohosh

The Various different Hormone Imbalance Signs

Black cohosh is a natural herb that contains estrogenic herbs. These estrogenic herbs mimic estrogen in the body and help to balance the body's hormone levels. However, the disadvantage of using natural herbs like black cohosh is that the body is not prompted to make its own estrogen hormones. Thus, in the long run using natural hormones like estrogenic herbs can worsen the body's ability to produce its own estrogen hormones and become balanced.


Macafem is a non estrogenic herb. Women who are using natural hormones that are non estrogenic often suffer from the least side effects. This is because non estrogenic herbs such as Macafem prompt the body to produce its own estrogen hormones, rather than cause the body to become idle and stop producing its own estrogen hormones.

What Are the Advantages of Using Natural Hormones?

There are many advantages for women who are using natural hormones. This is because they have fewer risks than treatments such as hormone replacement therapy, which have been shown to cause various diseases such as colon cancer (as well as prevent others, such as osteoporosis). Consequently, more and more women are using natural hormones to treat their unpleasant menopause symptoms.

Nevertheless, there are other actions women can take to help with their adverse menopause symptoms: such as eating a healthy diet, taking regular exercise, cutting down on caffeine and alcohol, and ensuring that enough sleep is being had.

However, if women who are using natural hormones are not finding using natural hormones to be effective they should visit their medical practitioner. Before women begin receiving prescribed medication they should try natural remedies first. However, if using natural hormones is not working prescribed medication is stronger and more able to beat tough menopause symptoms. Click here for more information about using natural hormones and treating tough menopause symptoms.

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