Which Foods Help to Balance My Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone is one of the body's natural hormones. It is present in greater quantities in men, but is still present in the female body in considerably smaller amounts.

Testosterone plays an important role in stregth, stamina, and speed

Testosterone has a fundamental role in the female body. As in the male body, it plays an important role in strength, stamina, and speed. It also contributes to health of the female reproductive system, and overall health. Typically, testosterone is known as the power behind libido in both men and women.

Because of the important role that these hormones have in the female body, it is vital that they are looked after and maintained. There are a number of ways in which you can do this, one of the most important methods is by carefully selecting the foods that you eat.

There are a number of foods that contain testosterone-like substances, and can act as substitutes when levels of this hormone are low. Keep reading to learn more about the foods that can help balance testosterone levels.



Oysters are well-known for being one of the natural world's strongest aphrodisiacs. What most people don't know is that these slippery shellfish also contain a high concentration of zinc which can boost low levels of testosterone. Oysters should also be consumed raw to obtain the full benefits.



Strawberries and chocolate increase levels of testosterone and boost sex drive

Strawberries are another tasty food that is loaded with zinc. These sweet berries can help increase levels of testosterone and promote healthy sexual functioning in both men and women.



Although it sounds too good to be true, dark chocolate boosts sex drive. This is due to the high quantity of magnesium it possesses. Chocolate also contains the amino acid l-arginine which encourages testosterone production.



Although it may be concealed by its characteristic smell and taste, garlic is actually capable of boosting testosterone levels naturally. Allicin, a compound contained in garlic, is responsible for this hormonal increase and improves blood flow to the sexual organs.



Bananas and ginger increases libido

Bananas are an excellent source of potassium. This is particularly helpful if you are experiencing low testosterone levels, because these minerals increase energy levels and hormone production. The B vitamins in bananas can also increase libido.



Ginger is popular due to its signature, spicy flavor and stimulating effects on the circulatory system. This root is also provides benefits to those experiencing low testosterone levels. Ginger is a powerful testosterone booster and libido enhancer.



This green vegetable is rich in vitamin E which is great for stimulating the production of testosterone. It also contains zinc to provide an additional testosterone boost. Vitamins B, C, and K which are good for increased stimulation and libido.

For more information on testosterone, its role in the body, and how to boost diminishing testosterone levels, click on the link below.

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