Meal Plan to Increase Testosterone

Bone strength, muscle mass, energy, and mood are all affected by testosterone imbalance

Alongside estrogen, testosterone is arguably the most important hormone in the female body. Bone strength, muscle mass, energy, cognitive functioning and mood are all affected by testosterone. During menopause, many signs and symptoms may appear, and keeping your hormones in check is crucial.

There are multiple ways suggested to increase your testosterone levels. Getting enough sleep and minimizing stress are often spoken of, but what about foods? Testosterone is a fundamental hormone and one that should be looked after. Here is a meal program that you can use for a day to help you increase those all important testosterone levels.

How to Increase Testosterone with a Daily Meal Plan

Breakfast. Eggs and fruit. Although it is often classed as a negative thing, cholesterol is something that can be consumed to increase the testosterone levels in the body. Obviously too much can be a bad thing, but eating eggs aids your battle with hormones. Combined with red meat, such as steak, this particular meal would be full of cholesterol.

A nutritious lunch helps to balance your hormones

Lunch. Beef salad sandwich. During menopause, a light but nutritious lunch is a must. This staves off many symptoms and helps to balance your hormones. Beef contains zinc, which benefits the body for immunity, tissue repair, clotting, and bone health alongside testosterone. Put on whole-wheat bread with indole-rich vegetables such as cabbage, or even a fatty one like avocado, and you're well on your way for a testosterone boosting lunch.

Dinner should be easy to consume, while also being high in nutrients for the body. Pork is rich in zinc, so that (along with oysters, beef or turkey), is a great meal for menopausal women suffering from decreased testosterone. Alongside lentils and broccoli or cauliflower this would be a great meal.

Key Ingredients for Increasing Testosterone

Your body's level of testosterone is very important to your overall physical and mental health. Keeping it balanced is important, and here we have seen an ideal daily meal plan for increasing testosterone. The main ingredients to look out for and keep on your shopping list are:

  • Good types of cholesterol. Polysaturated and monosaturated fats, found in sunflower, olive, canola, soybean oils, and fish are great sources.
  • Healthy fats. Think avocadoes, nuts and seeds, as well as the oils listed above.
  • Indoles. Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower are indole-rich.
  • Zinc. This mineral can be found in oysters, veal liver, roasted pumpkin seeds, lamb, and crab.

Taken in the right amounts these are the key ways to increase testosterone. However, there are more things to understand about the hormone. Click on the following link for more information about managing testosterone imbalance.

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