Can Zinc Increase My Testosterone Levels?

By Sarah P. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Zinc is an essential nutrient for increasing testosterone levels

Why do women need the “male” hormone testosterone? Is it possible for zinc to help increase, or re-balance my testosterone levels? The theory that zinc is an essential nutrient for increasing testosterone, and therefore increasing sex drive, is indeed true, but how does it work? We explore the reasons behind this, and explain which foods you will need to start eating to balance your testosterone levels.

Why Do Women Need Testosterone?

Women only have a very small amount of testosterone in their system, but even that small amount is vital. Testosterone, mainly produced in the ovaries, plays a major role in women's sexual development and it controls sexual regulation throughout their entire lives. This means that it is the main hormone to control libido and sexual reaction.

Testosterone gives women that need and desire to be sexually active. A low sex drive is usually the main symptom of a deficiency of testosterone, although other symptoms can also arise as a result of this condition. Testosterone also helps to protect our bones from fractures and breaks, helps to turn fat into muscle, promotes healthy skin, and strengthens our brain tissue.

Given all of this, testosterone is pretty important. Some women will experience a fluctuation in testosterone production during their lives, usually occurring during menopause. If this happens, it is natural to respond by looking for a quick, effective treatment solution which will to re-balance hormone levels quickly and curb any unpleasant symptoms.

How Can Zinc Balance Testosterone Levels?

One of the key treatments for any hormonal imbalance is to reconsider the diet you are eating to ensure it is healthy and well balanced. In the case of testosterone, zinc is considered a particularly useful mineral for ensuring that hormone levels remain balanced. This makes zinc essential to add to your diet. Zinc encourages natural production of testosterone, so incorporating more of these foods into your daily meal plan will set you well on your way to achieving a hormonal balance.

What Foods Are High in Zinc?

Foods that are particularly high in zinc are known as aphrodisiacs, making them highly recommended to increasing libido or testosterone levels - for both males and females.

Oysters are particularly high in zinc, so they're recommended to increase libido
  • Pecans and peanuts
  • Bran products
  • Salmon
  • Liver
  • Oysters
  • Red meat
  • Seeds

Add a combination of these to your diet in order to reap the benefits of a testosterone-rich diet.


If you think you are experiencing a deficiency of testosterone then try to add more zinc into your diet. However, if you think that you have too much testosterone (commonly identified by a deepening of the voice, an increase in hair growth, or a change in body shape); you should visit your doctor and get advice proper diagnosis and treatment. For more information about testosterone and the effects of an imbalance of this hormone then follow the links below.

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