How to Reduce Testosterone Levels during Menopause

By Sarah P. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020

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Testosterone, the commonly viewed male hormone, is an integral part of your body and crucial to ensuring that you complete many daily and bodily functions effectively. Estrogen is the most talked about hormone for menopausal women, but reducing testosterone levels during this time is also vitally important.

The steroid hormone is important for sex drive, sharpness and strength. Produced in the adrenal gland, a fluctuation can cause many problems to the body. And, it is not just a lack of testosterone that can be the problem. Dominance is also a problem; here are things to consider when looking to reduce your testosterone levels during menopause.

Testosterone Reduction Tips

Out with the meat, in with the soy - A big thing we see on any article about menopause is that soy is the new "miracle" food. Although that's slightly farfetched, it is good for lowering testosterone. The main example is that menopausal symptoms are unproblematic or less common in East Asia where soy is a large part of the diet.

By reducing your meat intake you will lower the fats and proteins in your body and, coupled with an additional intake of soy, your body will reduce testosterone concentrations. Try to find a way of removing or reducing the poultry and red meats in your diet.

Banish zinc, vitamin E and vitamin B6 - These foods are great for increasing testosterone, however, they can lead to dominance, and when dominance does come you need to remove these from your diet. Zinc foods include cheese, turkey, and oysters. Asparagus is an example of vitamin E, whilst avocado, salmon and eggs are high in vitamin B6 and increase testosterone.

Monosaturated fats - These include olives, avocado, and nuts. These are ok in limited levels but research has found that higher amounts lead to an increase in testosterone. Polyunsaturated fats, including sunflower oil, corn oil, or safflower oil, are better for your health and balance testosterone.

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Plan your meals - As we can see there are many foods and things to look out for to lower testosterone, or testosterone intake. If you list these and create meals each week to focus on this, that can help you to do it simpler and more effectively. One meal you could use is tofu and vegetables.The use of soy foods in your diet goes to significantly reduce the amount of testosterone your body receives. Animal flesh is high in protein and fat, and this leads to higher levels of testosterone. Taken with organic, hormone-free vegetables this can go a long way to balancing up those fluctuating hormones.

Alcohol - Although high consumption can lead to bad things, a glass or two of red wine with your dinner a few times a week will restrain testosterone production.

More Recommendations

Comparatively, women create very little testosterone, and this means that dominance is unlikely. However, when it happens, knowing how to reduce it is important. There are other ways of lowering testosterone. If you're not already married, try that; a study and myth would offer the same suggestion.

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