The Benefits of HRT

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

As women approach this mature stage of life, the levels of estrogen that they are able to produce begin to diminish. An imbalance in the natural levels of their hormones causes a multitude of menopause symptoms, which can range from vaginal dryness and incontinence to depression and mood swings. There are different options available to counteract such problems. The benefit of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is that is a pharmaceutical option for treatment of menopausal symptoms. Despite being considered the most expensive treatment of menopause symptoms, HRT comes with an array of side effects.


Bone density

Osteoporosis is a degenerative bone condition that affects many women as they approach the later stages of life. It is the gradual thinning of bone density in women's bodies, a loss of bone density over many years can cause fractures, which are extremely dangerous. HRT has been found to be capable of easing the loss of bone density in menopausal women.

HRT and Osteoporosis

Alternatives to HRT

Less costly alternative treatment methods than HRT do exist. Such natural methods for treating menopause symptoms are becoming increasingly popular. Many women combat changes in their estrogen levels by using phytoestrogenic supplements, such as black cohosh or ginseng. These herbal supplements also bring with them a certain degree of risk, but it is often considered to be less than the effects of HRT.

HRT functions by introducing artificial estrogen into the body to replace the lost estrogen caused by a slowdown in production later in a woman's life. Research has shown that women who take estrogen treatments through HRT experience fewer bone fractures than women who don't. Treatment for osteoporosis through such means as HRT is important, because of the risks involved with osteoporosis. The condition can remain undetected until a fracture occurs, because it does not have any symptoms. For example, during menopause, bone loss in women is often accelerated to 1-2% per year.

Treatments for Hormonal Imbalance

HRT is used to combat osteoporosis by replacing lost estrogen with artificial estrogen. This process can slow down the onset of osteoporosis and prevent painful fractures for women later in life.

HRT is a valid treatment option for osteoporosis and other menopause symptoms. However, this potent treatment comes with a number of risky side effects, the most prolific of which is the increase in cancer cells in the body. Due to such side effects, it is important to consider alternative treatments for menopause symptoms.