Can I Test My Natural Hormones Levels?

Can I Test My Natural Hormones Levels?

Without natural hormones you would be able to function, they help to regulate your body. In short; they are vital to you. They regulate functions like digestion, fluid retention and your menstrual cycles but they can only do this when they are balanced. For the most part, this balance is maintained, however, during menopause natural hormone levels fluctuate which results in the delicate balance being disrupted.

You may feel both both mental and physical effects when your natural hormones are out of kilter but because you cannot visibly see them it you may not actually realize that your hormones are unbalanced. But there are ways to find out, read on to learn how to test your natural hormone levels.

Natural Hormone Tests

Rule of thumb

During menopause your natural hormone levels can fluctuate, causing a disruption to the delicate balance of your hormones. It is this disruption that causes most of the symptoms of menopause; looking out for these symptoms is one way that you can test your natural hormone levels. If you are experiencing symptoms like irregular periods, fatigue, vaginal dryness, mood swings, hair loss, and night sweats this is a strong indication that you have a hormone imbalance. Certain symptoms such as mood swings are associated with fluctuating levels of testosterone while irregular periods are linked to unstable levels of estrogen.

Home kit tests

Home kit tests are available online or from pharmacies. Although they cost more than than the simple rule of thumb method they may be more accurate. You can get different types of tests for the different natural hormone you may want check. For instance, there are tests available for checking levels of testosterone and progesterone. The tests usually involve collecting saliva in tubes included in the kits before filling out the forms provided and following the mailing instructions. Having sent your tests off for analysis, you should have your result back within about two weeks.

Visit a Doctor

Can I Test My Natural Hormones Levels?

Doctors may seem busy, they may even actually be busy, but this should stop you from going to see your when you feel like you need to. No matter how small your concern, don't hesitate about going to see them, it's what you pay them for. Your doctor will not only be able to assess your natural hormone levels, they will also be able to advice you on any treatment you may need to seek to redress the balance.

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