Tried and Tested Tips for Testing Your Testosterone

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Testosterone helps to boost your libido

Hormone levels fluctuate wildly during menopause; it's this that causes many menopause symptoms. You may not realize it, but one of the hormones affected is testosterone. Testosterone may be painted as “the male hormone” but actually you need it just as much as men. It helps to boost your libido and fertility and maintains your muscle tone and brain tissue.

When levels of testosterone fluctuate, it can really disrupt your body, so it is important to be able to accurately measure your testosterone levels. Read on to learn how to test your testosterone levels.

Putting Testosterone Tests to the Test

Listen to your body

One way to test your testosterone levels is to listen to your body and use a bit of know how to determine whether or not you're suffering from hormonal imbalance. This may seem a bit unscientific, but what's more honest than your own body? Testosterone is responsible for helping out with a lot of functions in your body; when levels fluctuate, there are always telltale signs - all you need to do is to look for these.

Consider your menopause symptoms

If you have a reduced libido, depression or mood swings, then this could be a sign of low testosterone. Conversely, increased hair growth coupled with changes in your body shape and deepening of the voice could be an indication that you are experiencing high levels of testosterone.

Gets a home testing kit

Home testing kits analyze levels of testosterone in your saliva

Another way to measure your testosterone levels is to use a home testing kit. This is a little more expensive than simply reading the signs of your body but it will give you a more precise result. You can buy a home testing kit online or at a pharmacy, they work by analyzing levels of testosterone in your saliva. To complete the test you must first collect your saliva in the tubes provided, being careful not to contaminate either the tubes or the sample. Then you need to fill out the forms included in the home testing kit and follow the mailing instructions. You should receive your results in about two weeks.

Visit your doctor

If you're in doubt about your testosterone levels and it is causing you concern, sometimes it's best to let the professionals deal with it; it's what they're paid to do after all. Your doctor will have a variety of tests appropriate for you and will be able to give you advice and instructions on what you should do next.

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