Natural Ways to Boost Testosterone

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Regular exercise increases testosterone levels in women

Women experiencing a lack of testosterone can suffer from decreased libido, short term memory loss, decreased muscle and bone mass, and other complications. During menopause, female hormonal production decreases, leaving them susceptible to hormonal imbalance. Luckily, there are ways to boost testosterone levels naturally, and relieve symptoms caused by deficient amounts of this hormone. Continue reading to discover how you can raise your testosterone levels without medication.

Exercise Regularly

Doing regular exercise is the principal natural way of increasing testosterone in women. It has been proven that physical exercises can improve the blood circulation to sex organs, improve bone density, and affect the brain, effectively boosting mood. Exercise will raise the self-esteem of women, which can also work to increase their sexual desire. It is good to combine both aerobics and resistance training to ensure all the muscles are worked. Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes, five days a week.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Another way of increasing testosterone levels naturally is by eating a healthy and nutritious diet. Women should steer away from saturated fats and sugars if they want to increase their testosterone levels. Instead they should keep a diet that is rich in nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. A good diet is the one that will reduce the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes and diseases of the lung. It will also be able to boost sex hormones.

Take Herbal Supplements

Intake of herbal supplements is also another way that has been used by many women to boost the levels of testosterone in their bodies. These supplements have also helped many women deal with problems created by hormonal imbalances. Taking herbal supplements is a good way of promoting overall health. Some of the side effects of hormonal imbalances are depression, constipation, mood swings, and sexual dysfunction. Some of the herbal supplements that have been put into use to curb this complication are damiana, muira puama, mucuna pruriens, Siberian ginseng, saw palmetto, wild oats, kola nuts, ginger, wild yam, nettles, sarsaparilla, and puncture weed. You can find these supplements in health food stores.

Get Enough Sleep and Relaxation

Adequate amounts of sleep boosts testosterone levels

Another way of boosting the level of testosterone in women is by having adequate amounts of sleep. This is a natural treatment method that has proven to be effective in helping women increase their testosterone levels. Sleep is a good way of reducing factors that lead to hormonal imbalances. It is a good way to keep off stress which is a major contributor to low secretion of testosterone. Relaxing also triggers the production of testosterone, so make sure you set aside even a brief period of time to consciously de-stress and relax each day.

If you are a woman looking to boost your testosterone levels, you'll want to consider these easy, healthy ways that you will be able to counteract hormonal imbalance. If you want to learn more about testosterone and how to handle it, click on the links below.

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