How to Tell Your Husband You Are Taking Testosterone

How to tell your Husband you are taking Testosterone

The people you are closest to can sometimes be the hardest ones to talk to. If you have some major news or concern you feel your loved ones should know about, you want to tell them, but you're worried about their reaction. So, how do you tell your husband that you're taking testosterone? How can you break the news to him that you're medicating yourself with a hormone that's going to turn you into a man? Keep reading to find out.

Why You Need Testosterone

Before you break the news to your husband, it might help to learn a bit about why you need testosterone. This will put you in full possession of the facts so that you can explain fully to him why you need testosterone and help you answer any questions he may have.

Basically, you need testosterone because your own supplies have dropped. This is very common during menopause, a time during which any number of hormones are affected. Despite its usual portrayal as an exclusively male hormone, testosterone is actually produced in women too, and a vital part of their body.

Although women produce around 20 times less testosterone that men, it is required in the female body to maintain a high libido and increase fertility. Testosterone also helps maintain muscle tone and brain tissue. Read on to learn more about how testosterone will affect you.

What Will Testosterone Do to My Femininity?

How to tell your Husband you are taking Testosterone

As long as testosterone is taken in accordance with the recommended dosage, it will help to boost your low levels during menopause and help you stave off some of your menopause symptoms. Symptoms associated with menopause deficiency include depression, loss of libido, osteoporosis, and mood swings.

However, if the recommended dosage is exceeded there can be some side effects. These include increased hair growth, male patter baldness, deepening of the voice and change in fat storage that will affect your body shape. Read on to learn how to break the news to your husband.

Telling Your Husband

In a potentially sensitive case like this, it is important to explain clearly why you need to take testosterone. You should keep to the facts and also explain the advantages. Even if you do start to develop some of the side effects of high testosterone levels, if he still loves you, he should understand and stick by you.

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