Honey, I Have Too Much Testosterone

Honey, I have too much testosterone

Breaking the news to your husband that you have more testosterone than he does and subsequently challenging him to a beard growing contest may have some repercussions. At least part of that first sentence can almost never be true as men produce seven times the amount of testosterone as a woman with normal levels does. Even an abundance by women's standards could never rival a man's level of testosterone.

However, hormones are a very fickle business and even a slight over or underproduction of one can lead to some unpleasant side effects. If a woman has too much testosterone, she could “enjoy” symptoms such as hair loss, facial hair growth, and a deepened voice. The good news is that these side effects generally only last as long as your body is producing too much testosterone. But balancing hormones doesn't necessarily happen overnight so below is a list of tips to help you maintain your relationship with your loved one while you get your testosterone in check.

How to Work Your Testosterone Abundance

Increased libido

Many women who have a slight excess of testosterone claim to feel a boost in their sex drive. However, too much can lead to the opposite and a greater likelihood of developing PCOS, or polycystic ovary syndrome.

Help with the heavy lifting

Honey, I have too much testosterone

A symptom of testosterone excess is an increase in muscle mass and a decrease in body fat, so make the most of the new found strength and take out the trash while he dries the dishes. Please be aware that too much testosterone can lead to unsightly muscle development for women and an increased risk of diabetes.

Promise to bare a son

One study reported by the London Times found that women with higher levels of testosterone may be more likely to produce boys. 4.

Play the sympathy card

He's not the one loosing breast mass as well as his hair! Well, maybe his hair, but that's expected of men. If you're not feeling like the woman you are and depression is nearing, talk with your partner. He may even do some pampering.

For more information

Talk with your doctor about what could be causing your elevated testosterone level. Everything from a lack of exercise, as well as too much exercise, diet, and medication could affect your hormone levels. There are many treatment options available, but hormone replacement therapy is probably the riskiest. Follow this link to read more about too much testosterone.

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