Testing Hormone Levels

When women are suffering from the signs and symptoms of menopause, it is actually the imbalance of progesterone and estrogen hormone levels that they are experiencing. During this period the ovaries begin to slow down their production of estrogen and progesterone hormones and subsequently hormone levels can easily become imbalanced. Thus due to the important roles that progesterone and estrogen hormones play in the body there are many side effects of hormone imbalance: such as night sweats, mood swings, and a loss of libido. Consequently, many women are interested in natural hormone testing in order to discover their progesterone and estrogen hormone levels.

Why Natural Hormone Testing?

There are different reasons as to why women are interested in natural hormone testing. For example, testing progesterone hormone levels can help women to discover:

Testing Hormone Levels
  • Why they may be infertile (progesterone hormones have vital roles during menstruation and pregnancy)
  • Help to assess whether women are ovulating
  • Evaluate the risk of a woman experiencing a miscarriage,
  • Examine the placenta and the ovaries during pregnancy
  • And help to diagnose certain cancers.
  • Natural hormone testing of estrogen hormone can help women to discover
  • Birth defects in children before they are born
  • Discover if women have tumors in their ovaries
  • And explain why men may be suffering with womanly physical characteristics

How Is Natural Hormone Testing Done?

Natural hormone testing can be done in different ways. When natural hormone testing is measuring progesterone levels women can have either a blood test or a saliva test. Both of these tests can be done in one day, and the results of a blood test can be back in 24 hours.

However, if women wish to have more extensive natural hormone testing they can have a number of blood tests over a series of days. This can help women to have a more extensive understanding of their fluctuating progesterone levels.

If women are natural hormone testing their estrogen hormone levels the doctor will again usually take a blood sample. Again the risks of a complication after a blood test are very small, and the results can usually be returned within 24 hours.

What Can Be Done if Normal Hormone Testing Reveals an Imbalance of Progesterone and Estrogen Hormones?

natural hormone testing

There are a number of different actions women can take if their normal hormone testing reveals they have imbalanced hormone levels. However they should first begin by making healthy life style changes. A healthy body is more able to balance hormone levels than an unhealthy body.

Subsequently, if they are eating a healthy diet and regularly exercise they should look at natural drugs and alternative therapies, before discussing prescribed medication with their medical practitioner.

Consequently, if women are interested in natural hormone testing they have their different options. There are different ways for women to undergo natural hormone testing and discover their estrogen and progesterone hormone levels. Click here for more information about natural hormones testing, and treating the adverse signs and symptoms of menopause.