Electric Shock Feeling while Pregnant: What's Happening?

By Agata P. | Updated: Apr 23, 2018

Managing Electric Shock Feeling while Pregnant

Electric shocks feelings, which resemble rapid lightening-like jolts or burning stabs that only last for a few seconds, surely belong to the less common pregnancy symptoms. They can be frightening when they occur for the first time and fill moms-to-be with worries about the well-being of their baby.

Some women experience them superficially on the skin, while others describe them as originating in deeper tissues of their abdomen and pelvis. Continue reading about electric shock feeling during pregnancy to understand why they occur and what you can do to alleviate them.

The Causes of Electric Shock Feeling while Pregnant   

In most cases, electric shock feelings are a natural part of pregnancy and do not signal any complications. The most common causes of electric shock feelings during pregnancy include:

Expansion of the uterus

In preparations to house the quickly growing fetus, can stretch the surrounding muscles and ligaments and result in sharp electric-like throbs and pain in the lower abdomen area, as well as lower back, sometimes radiating one or two legs.


Growing and moving inside the womb, can sometimes press on the nerves and trigger a series of electric shots in your abdomen. It can also push on the walls of pelvis or cervix when moving his head or changing his position, causing the unpleasant shocks.

Hormonal fluctuations

During pregnancy, particularly of estrogen and progesterone, can trigger electric shocks in various body parts. These sudden hormonal changes have an effect on the nervous system and can disrupt the functioning of nerves.

Electric shock sensations during pregnancy can potentially be an indication of other medical conditions. There are numerous non-pregnancy-related causes of electric shocks, which include vitamin B12 deficiency, back problems, or certain neurological disorders.

When should i see a doctor?

If electric shock sensations are accompanied by painful cramping, vaginal spotting, or severe abdominal pain, you should seek medical attention right away as they might signal more serious pregnancy complications.

Managing Electric Shock Feeling while Pregnant

Though inevitable for many pregnant women, electric shock sensations can be lessened by incorporating certain helpful practices into daily routines, such as:

  • Pay attention to the circumstances in which you tend to get more attacks of electric shocks and try to avoid them. Maybe it is the position in which you sleep or spending too much time sitting down.

  • Stretching, light yoga, aand taking short walks throughout the day can lessen the tension in your abdominal area, thus reduce the risk of electric shocks. Ask your doctor which exercises are best for you and the baby.

  • Sleep minimum eight hoursat night, and consider using maternity pillows to reduce the pressure on your baby bump.

  • Focus on proper hydration, nutrition, and prenatal supplements to prevent abdominal cramping and electric shock feelings and help your body stay strong in this time of elevated stress and numerous physiological changes.

The information about electric shocks during pregnancy is limited, in comparison to other symptoms. Electric shock feelings during pregnancy are not typically treated with medication, but it is worth asking your doctor if there are natural remedies that are safe for you and the fetus and could bring relief. Some women find consolation in knowing that pregnancy electric shocks will disappear as soon as you deliver your baby, so be patient, get lots of rest, and try to enjoy this special period in your life.