Complete UltaLife Her Harmony Review: Pros & Cons

Effectiveness: (3.8/5)

Safety: (2.5/5)

Cost-benefit: (3.5/5)

Total: (3.2/5)

What is UltaLife Her Harmony?

UltaLife Her Harmony is an herbal supplement designed to help women throughout their lives, from premenopause through postmenopause. The supplement is acclaimed to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, low libido, fatigue, hot flashes, insomnia, mood swings, and more.

Complete UltaLife Her Harmony Review: Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons

Company Snapshot


Product made in the USA

Money-back guarantee

Customer support

  • 920-940-ULTA

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Effectiveness 3.8 of 5

Over 200 positive customer reviews of UltaLife Her Harmony on Amazon

/ Claimed efficacy for all women (premenopause through postmenopause). Results will vary.

No clinical research on company's site proving product effectiveness

Safety 2.5 of 5

Manufactured and processed in factory that also processes milk, soy, wheat, egg, shellfish, and crustacean shellfish

Company does not mention side effects, but some have been reported by reviewers on Amazon

No information on long-term use provided 

Cost-benefit 3.5 of 5

OK cost benefit: considering price, variety of ingredients, and customer reviews

/ Price around $25 for a 1-month supply (via Amazon); mid-range price

No information discovered on when the company was founded 

Score: 3.3 out of 5.0

My Conclusions:

First and foremost, I noticed that the ingredients list is eerily similar - and by eerily similar, I mean exactly the same - to the product RESTORE for Women by LFI Labs. Who copied whom? I don't know, but UltaLife is also guilty of not possessing a Better Business Bureau rating and being accused of “fake” Amazon reviews posted by men. On another note, it would be nice to see for how long the money-back guarantee is offered. As always, consistency and transparency is appreciated. Aside from these negatives, the product does include a wide array of herbs shown to help relieve menopausal symptoms, and there seem to be no artificial colors found within the blend. For those who aren't concerned about details on product origins, Her Harmony could prove to be the long-sought-after answer for ultimate relief. Just do your homework beforehand to see if the ingredients and company feel right for you.

For more information on Her Harmony, please visit the product's home page here:

My Tips for Improvement:

  • Conduct clinical trials proving effectiveness
  • List side effects on company website
  • Be transparent with length of time for money-back guarantee
  • Clearly state the length of time company has been in market

UltaLife Her Harmony Quick Fact Sheet

UltaLife Her Harmony Ingredients and Supplement Facts
UltaLife Her Harmony Ingredients

Main: Soy isoflavones, black cohosh extract, dong quai extract, licorice extract, red clover extract, sage extract, chasteberry extract, blessed thistle powder, red raspberry powder, wild yam extract, trans-Resveratrol extract

Other: Microcrystalline cellulose, gelatin (bovine), vegetable magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide

How UltaLife Her Harmony Works

UltaLife does not explain how the ingredients work to alleviate symptoms of hormonal imbalance. However, from my own research, I have found that strong phytoestrogens - like red clover, soy isoflavones, and black cohosh - are principally responsible for helping increase insufficient estrogen levels. Also, Chinese medicine practitioners traditionally prescribed dong quai for women's reproductive problems, like painful menstruation, and to improve blood circulation.


Take two capsules daily with food. Although no contraindications were mentioned, I have seen other companies with similar ingredients saying that if you are pregnant, nursing, or may become pregnant, consult with a doctor before use. Also, be careful if using when you have a hormone-dependent cancer, such as breast or uterine cancer. Store this supplement in a cool, dry place.

Side Effects of UltaLife Her Harmony

UltaLife does not mention any side effects from taking this supplement. However, users on Amazon mention side effects of insomnia, anxiety, increased hot flashes, and more. Moreover, as I've mentioned throughout a variety of other reviews, long-term use of black cohosh has been linked to a higher risk of contracting uterine cancer and other hormone-dependent cancers.

Where to Buy UltaLife Her Harmony

UltaLife Her Harmony is available for purchase through Amazon, which their product home page will direct you to as well.

Anita Myers By Anita Myers, Expert Reviewer | Updated Jul 17, 2018

I am truly passionate about helping others find the path to better health, wellness, and spirituality through yoga. I blog at Anita's Wellness Journey.


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