Natural Pain Relievers for Joints

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

For women who suffer with long-term joint pain, these are the most effective natural pain relievers.

Due to the prevalence of joint pain as a condition, particularly among older women, a substantial amount of research has been carried out into possible cures and pain relief - both chemical and natural. It is widely accepted that the natural world provides many different products that can be used to benefit human health, and so those who prefer a more gentle approach can explore some of these for natural pain relief. Read on to discover more about some of the most successful herbs for joint pain.


Ginger has been used for many centuries in various medicines. Among its multitude of benefits, research has shown that this herb has valuable anti-inflammatory properties which can be adept at relieving pain cause by joint problems. One particular study showed that pain was reduced, and physical ability was improved in over 200 sufferers of osteoarthritis after consuming ginger. It is said to exhibit similar properties as ibuprofen, making it an excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic option.

Avocado Soybean Oil

This natural product is highly esteemed in Europe as a treatment for joint pain. The compounds within both ingredients (i, e; applications are usually made with one part avocado oil and two parts soybean), are able to protect the cartilage in the joints - limiting damage and encouraging repair. Regular consumption of this product should decrease the severity of joint problems, and reduce pain.

Cat's Claw

Originating in the Amazon, cat's claw has been used in traditional Peruvian medicine throughout history. Modern scientific research has revealed that the plant possesses anti-inflammatory properties which can be used for natural joint pain relief, as well as other problems such as swellings caused by bug bites, damaged muscles, or intestinal distress. Depending on the desired use, this herb can commonly be taken in tablet form, or in tea.

White Willow Bark

Many ancient cultures considered white willow bark to be one of the best natural pain relievers. It is known to boast similar effects as aspirin, making it a very successful medicine not only for sore joints, but also headaches, aching muscles, and other pain-causing problems. It too has anti-inflammatory activity, which can reduce swelling of the joints such as might appear with arthritis, gout, or injury.

Maritime Pine Bark

This substance contains a number of bioactive compounds which society has benefited from for over 2,000 years. These make it a worthwhile anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent, which means the herb is valuable for its ability to protect the human body from external pollutants and harm such as caused by injury or deterioration. Investigations have confirmed that maritime pine bark can reduce joint pain and stiffness, encouraging flexibility.

These are just five of the many choices of herbs for joint pain around. Different women will find that they respond in different ways to both prescribed and herbal medication; what one woman finds successful may not work at all in another. For this reason, it is advisable to explore many options, and persevere as necessary until you find the most effective natural pain reliever for you.

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