Hot Flashes Relief: 6 Easy Steps

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

If you experience hot flashes, you may find relief by following these easy steps.

Hot flashes are an annoying and occasionally difficult problem that often comes along with menopause. While experiencing a hot flash can be distressing, there are a few key techniques that you can use to manage the symptoms. If you need relief from hot flashes, read on to learn more.


Remove Layers

A good first step to finding hot flash relief is removing any sweaters, jackets, or scarves that you may be wearing. Cutting down on layers can help you lower your body temperature and makes it likelier that your hot flash will end sooner.


Breathe Deeply

As soon as you begin to feel the symptoms of a hot flash, start taking long, slow, deep breaths. This is typically called relaxation breathing, and it helps many women find relief from hot flashes. You should breathe in and out at an even pace, and ensure that you are breathing with your whole body - feeling your stomach expand with each breath - rather than restricting your air space to your chest.


Use a Fan

Fans or air conditioning units are excellent ways to cool off your skin and help bring your body temperature back down to your normal levels. A fan could be an electric fan, a small handheld battery-operated fan, or just an old-fashioned handheld fordable fan. You can even use papers or folders to get some air moving to cool yourself down.


Have a Cool Drink

Cooling down internally can help just as much as cooling off your skin. Drinking anything that's been chilled or refrigerated, such as water or juice, can help to lower your internal temperature and regulate your whole body temperature. Be careful about your choice of beverage; however, since iced coffee, iced tea, or anything with caffeine can still increase your body temperature, despite their chill.


Stop Any Triggers

If you begin to experience a hot flash because you are doing something that may be a trigger, stop immediately. Triggers can be things like eating spicy foods or drinking coffee, but many women may have others. Continuing to perform the trigger activity will only prolong the hot flash to last until after your spicy food has been eaten, so stopping quickly can help you find hot flash relief faster.


Plan Lifestyle Changes

If you experience hot flashes more often than you would like, you may be able to find relief by finding ways to prevent hot flashes from occurring. Although you will not eliminate them entirely, by losing weight, quitting smoking, and finding other lifestyle changes that help, you may significantly decrease the frequency of your hot flashes.

These five easy steps can help you find fast relief from hot flashes when they occur. For longer-lasting relief, learn more about the top 5 natural remedies for hot flashes and find out how to naturally keep your hot flash symptoms at bay.

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