A Selection of Natural Shampoos for Hair Loss

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

If you are losing your hair, try these natural ingredients and treat your condition.

Some women who are affronted with the problem of hair loss prefer to treat the condition in a natural way, rather than using prescribed medication or synthetic products. The first thing to consider in this case should be which shampoo you use. Most high-end shampoos might contain a number of synthetics and harsh chemicals that can actually be detrimental to hair health. These can strip away the natural oils produced by your scalp, known as sebum. Sebum is necessary for the lubrication and moisture of healthy locks. To avoid taking this risk, using a natural shampoo is favorable.

Coconut Oil

Scientific investigation has shown that coconut oil is one of the most beneficial oils for hair health. It contains a substance known as lauric acid, which can bind with the proteins in your hair and act as a protective shield. This will enhance the health of existing hair and can encourage new growth. Natural coconut oil - or indeed milk - are common ingredients for shampoo and conditioner.


Not only is lavender oil valued for its intoxicating and fresh aroma, but it also boasts another valuable quality. It has been closely studied, and it is known to be able to stimulate hair growth. It is suggested that around one drop of lavender essential oil be combined with every 5 mL of carrier oil - this can be coconut, olive, or jojoba - for creating hair products.


There are several shampoos available that contain caffeine as a prime component. These are marketed primarily for their ability to enhance hair growth, because caffeine can counter the effects of testosterone-produced DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a hormone that inhibits hair follicles. Liquid or ground coffee can be used in making natural shampoos.


This herb is not often associated with haircare, but research has shown that it can be just as effective as some lotions that are prescribed for stimulating growth. As a household ingredient, it is one of the easier options for creating a natural shampoo at home. In addition to its benefits for combating hair loss, rosemary offers a unique and lasting scent.

Emu Oil

This is available in many alternative health and organic shops, and it is highly valued for its ability to improve the strength of existing hair and encourage new growth. It is particularly suited to shampoos because the consistency is such that it can create a foam when applied. It is possible to buy emu shampoo specifically created for minimizing hair loss.

Using a natural shampoo can be very effective for some women who suffer from hair loss, and they can find reassurance in the fact that their hair and scalp will not come into contact with potentially damaging chemicals. The above are just five of the many options out there; you may prefer to try a range before deciding which one is right for you.