Effective Home Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome

By Agata P. | Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Effective Home Remedies for Burning Mouth Syndrome

Although younger women might suffer from burning mouth syndrome (BMS), it is mostly observed among menopausal women. The most probable cause of this unpleasant sensation is a hormonal transition, but vitamin deficiency or prolonged stress and anxiety are also the suspected triggers. There is no cure for BMS, but certain methods can successfully alleviate the burning sensation. Here are the most effective home remedies for BMS.  

Drink Plenty of Water

Estrogen plays a role in the production of saliva, so its decrease might cause a burning mouth sensation. Drinking water can increase saliva production and relieve the unpleasant symptoms. You might also find instant relief in sucking on ice cubes to keep your mouth moist throughout the day.

Avoid Harsh Substances

Spicy and acidic food can worsen the symptoms of a burning mouth. Alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine can also trigger this sensation. If you like chewing gum, try to choose the type that does not contain sugar or cinnamon; it can help you keep your mouth moist and reduce a burning sensation, as well as pain and dryness.

Use Mild Oral Products

Some women state that using baking soda instead of a mint toothpaste alleviates a burning sensation, but consult with your dentist first. Also, try putting a thin layer of glycerin or aloe vera gel on the tongue to relieve the pain and burning.

Give Herbs a Chance

Make a mint infusion and drink it cool two times daily to alleviate a burning sensation. Lavender essential oil applied to the tongue can also bring an immediate relief. Moreover, gargle with a decoction of triphala or babool to cool down your tongue and alleviate the symptoms.

Consider Natural Supplements

Since burning mouth syndrome is mainly associated with hormonal imbalance, taking phytoestrogens or hormone-regulating supplements might help stabilize your hormones and alleviate a burning sensation in the mouth.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Burning sensation might also be caused by nutrient deficiency, particularly B12 and iron, so try focusing on foods that are rich in these nutrients, such as green leafy vegetables and legumes, bananas, fish, and poultry.

Make Your Food Softer

Raw fruits and vegetables, as well as other products that have rough textures, might cause more irritation in the mouth. Steamed vegetables, creamy soups, boiled meat can be softer on your mouth, while pureeing or blending your food will give an even smoother texture.

Reduce Stress

Anxiety and sleep disturbances, all of which are common throughout women's life not only during menopause, are said to worsen a burning mouth sensation. Any practices, such as yoga, riding a bike, or hiking that allow you to ventilate, get a fresh outlook on life, and feel more relax are worthwhile.

Doctors recommend implementing the above-mentioned practices, especially the elimination of alcohol, tobacco, and the foods that may cause irritation, for at least two weeks and observing the results. Home remedies can bring relief if used with patience and for a longer period of time. If BMS continues to bother you, talk to your doctor about the possibility of adding prescription medication

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