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The following resources found below have been reviewed by our staff and listed for education support only. Even though we do not endorse them, we recommend you to take a look at them.


In simple terms, hormones are chemical messengers that travel through blood and enter tissues. Each hormone has its own goal such as estrogen or progesterone related to female sexual and pregnancy respectively. Everybody is affected by hormone dysregulation either directly or indirectly. Keep yourself informed about how hormones work within your body.

The Hormone Foundation

Promotes the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of hormone-related conditions and diseases.

Medical Conditions

Although medical conditions such as osteoporosis and depression commonly occur in menopausal women, they affect others as well. Click the below links to learn how to find relief and treat these conditions.

National Osteoporosis Foundation

Fighting osteoporosis and promoting bone health. Includes news, resources for patients and professionals, and information on advocacy and prevention.


A woman's body undergoes many changes as it goes through the different phases of pregnancy. Click the below links for helpful information about the miraculous life chapter.

Getting Pregnant to Baby and Beyond!

Shows interesting Information about getting pregnant, labor and delivery. Features additional videos for further understanding.


Like exercise and fitness, healthy eating and proper nutrition are elemental to over all physical and mental health. Click the below links to learn why good nutrition is so important to maintain a healthy body.

Nutrition Data

Offers nutrition tools and articles.